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Beeg Video Downloader 2010 Edition Cracked 19 [TOP]

The images in this gallery include underwater volcanoes, hydrothermal vents, and cold seeps and the unique geology and biology found during expeditions to these sites. For videos from these sites, visit the Video Gallery.

Beeg Video Downloader 2010 Edition Cracked 19

While the term "coral" may conjure up images of sunny tropical reefs in warm, shallow waters, over half of all known coral species actually live in deep, dark waters. Found all over the world, these deep-sea corals provide habitat complexity to the ocean floor, just as trees turn an otherwise flat, open plain into a varied environment. And, as in the branches of trees, many organisms live among the corals, such as shrimp, crabs, brittle stars, worms, fish, and more. Thus, in the deep ocean, coral communities can essentially serve as important ecosystems unto themselves. The images below highlight some of the diverse coral communities encountered during expeditions over the years. For videos of coral communities, visit the Video Gallery.

In the deep ocean, the majority of vertebrates, or animals with backbones, that we encounter are fish, ranging from important commercial species such as snapper and grouper to sharks and rays, anglerfish, cusk eels, and many others. While these fish are often top predators in the deep and are important components of the deep-sea food web, information about how deep-sea fish live is limited, as it is difficult to make direct observations of these organisms. However, as we learn more about fish and fish communities at different depths, we are building insights into what constitutes a healthy ecosystem, in turn establishing knowledge needed to help managers make the right decisions to conserve resources for future generations. The images in this gallery offer a snapshot of some of the fish encountered during expeditions. For fish videos, visit the Video Gallery.


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