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Charles Vlasov
Charles Vlasov

Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance Dual Audio 720p Download ((FREE))

but i think the film finally breaks away from neveldines and taylors legacy, with the beginnings of a darker and more personal story, whilst retaining the pure action-horror that fans expect from their past work. though its not as gory as most of their other films (with a few exceptions),ghost rider: spirit of vengeanceis certainly some of the best action-horror weve seen in a long time, with the work of neveldine and taylor standing out more than ever.

ghost rider spirit of vengeance dual audio 720p download


one aspect that i especially liked was the inclusion of a female lead, played by the talented rosario dawson. she provides a much-needed female touch to the film, with the increasingly problematic relationship between cage and his partner-in-crime striking a nice balance with the developing romance between cage and dr. lynn. its also refreshing to see a female character who is strong and confident, rather than the default damsel-in-distress. withghost riderbeing developed as a franchise, i hope to see more films that embrace these aspects of the character, as in the comics, the first ghost rider was a woman.

however, its hard to praise a film that would have been better as an old-fashioned action-horror, without any character development or romance, and a plot that would have been improved by a little more backstory, so the film suffers in places, with the plot being unoriginal, un-engaging and quite frankly predictable. its never really explained why cage has the power of being able to manifest his ghost rider persona, but neveldines and taylors patented, tongue-in-cheek humour is back to add a comedic element to proceedings, with the dark and violent side of the film being helped by some playful one-liners.


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