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Bangla Natok Har Kipte Full Part Free Download

Bangla Natok Har Kipte Full Part Free Download

Bangla natok is a popular form of television drama in Bangladesh. One of the most famous and hilarious Bangla natoks is Har Kipte, which was directed by Salauddin Lavlu and produced by Sharat Telefilm. The natok features some of the best actors in the industry, such as Mosharaf Karim, Chanchal Chowdhury, Shamim Jaman, Brindaban Das, Shanaz Khushi, and many more. The natok revolves around the lives of the residents of a building called Har Kipte, where each episode brings a new twist and comedy.


If you are looking for a way to watch or download Har Kipte full part for free, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to enjoy this classic Bangla natok without spending any money.

How to Watch Har Kipte Online for Free

One of the easiest ways to watch Har Kipte online for free is to use YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing platform that hosts millions of videos, including Bangla natoks. You can find all the episodes of Har Kipte on YouTube by searching for "Harkipte" or "Har Kipte". You can also use the links below to watch the episodes directly:

  • [Harkipte Episode 01-05]

  • [Harkipte Episode 06-10]

  • [Harkipte Episode 11-15]

  • [Harkipte Episode 16-20]

  • [Harkipte Episode 21-25]

  • [Harkipte Episode 26-30]

  • [Harkipte Episode 31-35]

  • [Harkipte Episode 36-40]

  • [Harkipte Episode 41-45]

  • [Harkipte Episode 46-50]

  • [Harkipte Episode 51-55]

  • [Harkipte Episode 56-60]

  • [Harkipte Episode 61-65]

  • [Harkipte Episode 66-70]

  • [Harkipte Episode 71-75]

  • [Harkipte Episode 76-80]

  • [Harkipte Episode 81-85]

  • [Harkipte Episode 86-90]

  • [Harkipte Episode 91-95]

  • [Harkipte Episode 96-100]

  • [Harkipte Episode 101-104]

  • [Harkipte Episode 105 (End)]

Watching Har Kipte on YouTube is free and convenient, but it may have some drawbacks. For example, some videos may be low-quality, incomplete, or removed due to copyright issues. Also, you may have to deal with annoying ads and buffering issues. If you want a better viewing experience, you may want to download Har Kipte full part for free.

How to Download Har Kipte Full Part for Free

Downloading Har Kipte full part for free is not as easy as watching it online, but it is possible. You will need to use a third-party tool or website that can download YouTube videos. There are many options available on the internet, but not all of them are safe and reliable. Some may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Some may also have limited features, such as download speed, file size, or format. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a YouTube downloader.

One of the best and safest YouTube downloaders that we recommend is [4K Video Downloader]. This is a free and easy-to-use software that can download any YouTube video in high quality and various formats. You can also download entire playlists, channels, subtitles, and 3D videos with this tool. Here are the steps to download Har Kipte full part for free using 4K Video Downloader:

  • Download and install 4K Video Downloader from [its official website].

  • Open YouTube and find the playlist of Har Kipte episodes that you want to download. You can use the links above or search for "Harkipte" or "Har Kipte".

  • Copy the URL of the playlist from the address bar of your browser.

  • Open 4K Video Downloader and click on the "Paste Link" button.

  • The software will analyze the link and show you the available options. You can choose the quality, format, and destination folder of your downloads.

  • Click on the "Download" button and wait for the process to finish.

  • Enjoy watching Har Kipte offline on your device.

Downloading Har Kipte full part for free using 4K Video Downloader is fast and simple, but it may have some limitations. For example, you can only download up to 25 videos per playlist with the free version. If you want to download more videos, you will need to upgrade to the premium version, which costs $15 for a lifetime license. Also, you will need enough storage space on your device to save the downloaded videos.


Har Kipte is one of the most entertaining and hilarious Bangla natoks ever made. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy and drama. You can watch or download Har Kipte full part for free using YouTube or 4K Video Downloader. However, you should be aware of the pros and cons of each method and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. We hope this article has helped you find a way to enjoy this classic Bangla natok without spending any money.


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