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World Of Darkness: Werewolf - The Apocalypse: B... [PORTABLE]

Whereas the original series has a large focus on lore and background information for its setting,[11] the urban horror Chronicles of Darkness setting does not to the same extent;[6][11][12] it does not have a metaplot, and it presents any setting information as strictly optional to include in campaigns. With its lesser focus on lore and less defined world, Chronicles of Darkness also streamlines the character types, stripping the many vampire clans and werewolf tribes from the original series down to five each.[6]

World of Darkness: Werewolf - The Apocalypse: B...

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In 1989, giving the news Magnus had heard of what the Circle had been doing to Downworlders, he was having doubts about whether staying in New York, or finding a place where he would be safe. One night, a werewolf boy came to ask for his help, telling Magnus that his family had been captured by Valentine Morgenstern and his followers. Magnus then warned the Withelaws, who were at the New York Institute, that the Circle was in town violating the Accords. When Magnus confronted Valentine, he was making a little werewolf girl blind by putting silver coins over her eyes. Magnus fought Valentine until Lucian Graymark appeared, making Valentine and the rest of the Circle leave. When the fight was over, Magnus realized that he couldn't run away from the Circle, and decided to permanently stay in New York, becoming the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

In The Bane Chronicles Magnus met Camille at a meeting between Downworlders and Shadowhunters, taking place at the London Institute. He is initially attracted to her and though he thinks of the ways to see her again, he prompts her to give Ralf Scott, a young werewolf, another chance at her love and promises to return back to her one day. Magnus gives her a ruby necklace to remember him by and they part after sharing a kiss. In The Infernal Devices, he is the lover of Lady Camille Belcourt. However, they break up after Magnus discovers that Camille has gone to St. Petersburg to be with a human lover. Despite what happened, however, Magnus still cared for her enough to help her and her clan quit their addiction to drugs in 1977. Considering what he had just seen of her too hard for him, he asked Catarina to erase all his memories of Camille from the twentieth century, which she did, leaving him certain he had not seen Camille in over 80 years. 041b061a72


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