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Saraswati Vandana By Lata Mangeshkar Hey Sharde Maa Hey Sharde Maa Agyanta Se Hume Taar De Maa.mp3go

Saraswati Vandana by Lata Mangeshkar: A Devotional Song for the Goddess of Knowledge

Saraswati Vandana is a type of Hindu prayer song that is dedicated to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, and wisdom. Saraswati Vandana is usually sung or recited during festivals, ceremonies, or rituals related to education, learning, or creativity. One of the most popular and famous versions of Saraswati Vandana is sung by Lata Mangeshkar, a legendary Indian playback singer who has been awarded the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian honor in India.


Lata Mangeshkar's Saraswati Vandana is titled "Hey Sharde Maa Hey Sharde Maa Agyanta Se Hume Taar De Maa", which means "O Mother Sharada (another name for Saraswati), O Mother Sharada, save us from ignorance". The song is composed by Hridaynath Mangeshkar, Lata's younger brother and a renowned music director. The lyrics are written by Pandit Narendra Sharma, a poet and lyricist who was also a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. The song was released in 1978 as part of an album called "Chala Vahi Des", which featured devotional songs on various Hindu deities.

The song is a beautiful and melodious tribute to Saraswati, who is depicted as a white-clad woman sitting on a lotus flower, holding a veena (a stringed instrument) in her hands, and wearing a crown on her head. The song praises her as the source of all music, words, and wisdom, and requests her to bless the singers with knowledge, love, and enlightenment. The song also expresses the humility and gratitude of the singers, who acknowledge their limitations and seek her guidance and protection from darkness.

The song has been widely appreciated and admired by listeners across generations and cultures. It has been used in various occasions and events related to education, such as school functions, convocations, competitions, etc. It has also been covered by many other singers and artists, who have given their own interpretations and renditions of the song. Some examples are [Hey Sharde Maa by Arohi Anil Agarkar], [Hey Sharde Maa by Suresh Wadkar and Sohini Mishra], and [Hey Sharde Maa by Anuradha Paudwal].

The song is available for download in various formats and platforms, such as mp3go, which is a free online service that allows users to download mp3 files from YouTube videos. To download the song from mp3go, users can follow these steps:

  • Go to [mp3go website] and paste the URL of the YouTube video that contains the song in the search box.

  • Select the desired quality and format of the mp3 file from the options given below the search box.

  • Click on the "Download" button and wait for the file to be converted and saved on your device.

Alternatively, users can also listen to the song online on various streaming services, such as [YouTube], [Spotify], [Gaana], etc.

Saraswati Vandana by Lata Mangeshkar is a timeless and classic song that celebrates the divine power and grace of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. It is a song that inspires and motivates listeners to seek learning and wisdom in their lives. It is a song that expresses devotion and gratitude to Saraswati, who is also known as Sharada, Bharati, Vani, Vagdevi, Vidya, Sharda, etc.


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