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Panning Across Canada

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Charles Vlasov
Charles Vlasov

Dark Seed.7z !FULL!

During the Gua Army's invasion, a strange dark energy frequently appeared, which was given the name Dark Thunder Energy. The army launched another Demaaga, which was empowered by a Dark Energy and had X on the ropes. Eventually, he was forced to separate with Daichi at the cost of his consciousness lost in cyberspace. After Daichi manages to rescue him with his newfound Xlugger, the Ultraman returned to the real world and gained a new form, Exceed X. Despite its capability to overwhelm Demaaga and purify it, it was unable to catch up with one of the army's leader, Mold Spectre until Daichi received swordsmanship training from Sho/Ultraman Victory. During their battle with the Gua Army, Ginga joined the fray, having destroyed a majority of their armada and finally with Xio's help, defeated the army and their leader. End of the RainbowSword of Victory The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It

Dark Seed.7z

On Planet Sundowin, Ultraman X and Ultraman Geed fight a losing battle against Ultraman X Darkness and Ultraman Geed Darkness, who were created by Ultra Dark-Killer using their stolen power of light. After their dark clones left, Dark Lugiel showed up and wanted to finish them off, but he was interrupted by Ultraman Ginga. X and Geed fired their beams at Dark Lugiel, buying them time to regroup with the other New Generation Heroes at the Land of Light. When everyone was gathered, they had a group talk to discuss what had happened to them.

The light sensor contains a photosensitive resistor to measure the intensity of light. The resistance of the photosensitive resistor decreases with the increase of light intensity. The LED will light up if the surrounding is dark, and stays off if the surrounding is bright. 041b061a72


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