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Free Download Vst Plugins For Adobe Audition 1.5

Free Download VST Plugins for Adobe Audition 1.5

Adobe Audition 1.5 is a powerful audio editing software that can handle various audio formats and tasks. However, if you want to enhance your audio production with more effects and features, you may want to install some third-party VST plugins. VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology, and it is a standard interface for audio plugins that can be used by various audio applications. In this article, we will introduce some of the best free VST plugins that are compatible with Adobe Audition 1.5 and show you how to download and install them.

How to Add Third-Party VST Plugins for Adobe Audition 1.5

Before you can use any VST plugin in Adobe Audition 1.5, you need to add it to the application's plugin folder and scan it with the Audio Plug-in Manager. Here are the steps to do that:

Download Zip:

  • Download the VST plugin file from the official website or a trusted source. Make sure it is compatible with your operating system and Adobe Audition 1.5 version.

  • Extract the plugin file if it is compressed in a ZIP or RAR format. You should see a file with a .dll extension, which is the plugin itself.

  • Copy the plugin file and paste it into the Adobe Audition 1.5 plugin folder, which is usually located at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Audition 1.5\Plug-ins.

  • Launch Adobe Audition 1.5 and go to Effects > Audio Plug-in Manager.

  • In the Available Plug-ins section, click Scan For Plug-ins. Adobe Audition 1.5 will automatically detect and enable all valid plugins in the plugin folder.

  • If you want to hide or disable any plugin from the effects list, uncheck the Enable checkbox next to its name.

  • Click OK to save the changes and close the Audio Plug-in Manager.

Now you can access and apply the VST plugins from the Effects menu in Adobe Audition 1.5, just like the built-in effects.

Best Free VST Plugins for Adobe Audition 1.5

There are many free VST plugins available on the internet, but not all of them are of high quality or compatible with Adobe Audition 1.5. To help you find some of the best ones, we have compiled a list of five free VST plugins that we recommend for Adobe Audition 1.5 users. These plugins cover different types of effects, such as reverb, equalizer, compressor, de-esser, and spectrum analyzer.


TAL-Reverb-4 is a simple but effective reverb plugin that can create various types of room sounds and echoes. It has a minimalistic interface that lets you adjust the frequency ranges with the Equalizer, change the room size and decay time with the Reverb knob, and control the amount of harmonics with the Modulation knob. You can also blend the wet and dry signals with the Mix knob and choose from several preset effects for vocals and instruments.

Voxengo SPAN

Voxengo SPAN is a real-time sound spectrum analyzer that provides a visual representation of your audio tracks. It displays the pitch and amplitude of your audio in a spectrogram and lets you EQ your sound by dragging the nodes on the graph. You can also identify the note name and frequency of any point on the spectrum by hovering your mouse over it. SPAN supports multi-channel analysis, so you can compare different audio sources simultaneously. It also has scalable windows and customizable settings for more or less detail.

Sonimus SonEQ

Sonimus SonEQ is a versatile equalizer plugin that can shape your sound in various ways. It has three band equalizers for low, mid, and high frequencies, each with selectable curves and gain controls. It also has a preamp section with a bass booster and a high-pass filter for low-frequency enhancement. SonEQ can emulate different types of analog EQs, such as Pultec and Neve, and it has a smooth and warm sound quality.

Klanghelm DC1A Compressor

Klanghelm DC1A Compressor is a simple but powerful compressor plugin that can control the dynamics of your audio. It has only two knobs: Input and Output, which adjust the amount of compression and make-up gain respectively. It also has four switches that change the character of the compression: Deep, Relaxed, Dual Mono, and Negative Ratio. DC1A Compressor can handle a wide range of audio sources, from vocals to drums, and it has a transparent and natural sound.

Techivation T-De-Esser

Techivation T-De-Esser is a specialized plugin that can reduce the harshness of sibilant sounds, such as "s" and "sh", in vocal recordings. It has a simple interface that lets you adjust the threshold, frequency, and width of the de-essing process. It also has a listen mode that lets you hear only the sibilant sounds that are being removed. T-De-Esser can make your vocals sound smoother and clearer without affecting the overall quality.


Adobe Audition 1.5 is a great audio editing software, but it can be even better with some additional VST plugins. In this article, we have shown you how to download and install third-party VST plugins for Adobe Audition 1.5, and we have recommended some of the best free VST plugins that you can use to enhance your audio production. Whether you need to add some reverb, EQ, compression, de-essing, or spectrum analysis to your audio tracks, these plugins can help you achieve your desired sound. We hope you find this article helpful and enjoy using these free VST plugins for Adobe Audition 1.5.


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